With Autumn Comes Inventory

Where does the time go!? It feels like yesterday I was 1,000 months pregnant, visiting my hometown in NY and popping through Boston, getting engaged and walking around with (it feels like) 75 new pounds, ready to have my little pumpkin. Just this same time last year.

Having Miss Scootie Bear has really cut into my creative time, but I’m getting back into it and have finished 4 or 5 projects already! Right this second I’m working on a sweater for my daughter, but after that it’s inventory, stockpiling and selling for the Christmas season!


Just for poopsies & giggles I made this ruffled sun hat for my baby. Her head is in the 80th percentile, so the regular hats don’t fit her noggin. I’m going to be selling them for $15 a pop for this Christmas season and through autumn. The colors will be tailored for male or female, or I can do something totally neutral as a baby gift (or if you’re sick of baby pinks and blues, like me).



These colors remind me of ice cream and summer, but I can always tailor it to something more seasonally appropriate.

I hope y’all are having a great fall – I’m missing the changing of the leaves and cooler nights. Houston simply isn’t offering me anything but 90 degrees everyday!

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