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Hello, August!

Can you believe my little peanut is already 7 months old? I swear, time flies when there’s a child in the house. July came and went faster than I could blink, but so much has transpired in that time.

  1. I got a new job. That’s right, you’re looking at the newest Homeschooling and Tutoring teacher for a local Houston organization that helps students reach their benchmarks, diagnoses potential learning disabilities and calculates a student’s ability level in things such as reading comprehension and mathematical skills. The best part it that it’s all in the evenings, and it takes time to build up a clientele – but it’s absolutely freakin’ perfect for us right now.
  2. This is a big one. Sit down before you fall over……. I met someone. And I am so aware of how creepy that sounds. I swear I’m not cheating on my husband. I met a MOMMY FRIEND. And it’s totally changed my life. After Scootie was born I struggled with some PPD stuff, and I did everything I could to combat the depression, anxiety and loneliness, but nothing beats being able to shoot the breeze with another mom who’s either been there or is going through it, too.
  3. How did I meet Mommy Friend? Library time!!!! Every Monday the peanut and I make it to Library time and sing songs, read books, find new books to bring home and socialize with other moms and babies.

These things have changed the game, folks. It’s like… before these three things fell into place, I felt like the most disorganized, doubting mother on the planet. I put peanut butter in my closet and tried opening my front door with my car beeper. Now, I’m SLAYING motherhood. Go me.


I’ve also gotten miss Scootie into a much better routine as far as naps go. Granted, it all falls to hell when anyone else watches her during the day, but lately it’s been me, all me, every day me. I’m loving my happy, napping baby!

That’s my girl! She’s also gotten in two teeth since the last time I wrote on here, and those two teeth are just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen when she giggles and opens her mouth wide to smile. She’s growing up before my eyes and I’m so excited about every second!

In the knitting and crocheting world….. I’m currently working on a baby sweater for Scootie before my brother’s wedding in NY at the end of August. I hear it’s been cooler up there this summer, and I need her to be prepared for cooler weather! Here in Texas we rarely have need for such accouterments, but I know she’ll need a few warm things when we head up there – and even for the plane.

I’m so excited about how things have been going. I promise my next post will be more knitted and crocheted projects!

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