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Tidal Baby Blanket

This is one of my classic patterns. I use it for the majority of my baby blankets because it’s breathable and beautiful. I made one is almost this exact shade once and I made another one because I kept getting inquiries on whether I had the exact same one for sale over and over again. I’m not a factory, people! Just a handmaking maid. It takes a minute to make another full afghan, and although I AM working on yellow one at the moment, I figured I may as well make something that was popular.

Thus, here you are. The Tidal Baby Blanket.


As many of you with little ones know, it’s no easy task to get larger projects done when you’re interrupted all day by a needy baby. She makes it all worth it, but I miss the days I could sit for hours, watch Downton Abbey reruns and knit out an afghan in three days. Now it’s more like three months per project.

In August, we’re headed up to NY for my brother’s wedding. I can’t wait to be up North again, but I want to make my monkey a little sweater to bring with us in case the nights are chilly. Will I ever have time? Is this a lost cause? Is this going to be a potential WIP forever? Ugh…. I just need to start the thing. I could probably finish it in a week if I put my mind to it.

Meanwhile, I picked up more shifts at work (money trumps fun time). But perhaps that means more money for yarn?!

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