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When a newborn arrives at the house, naps seem to take over everything. Baby naps, mommy naps, daddy naps, cat naps, power naps, quick naps, NO naps. Scootie has always been on her own schedule as far as naps are concerned. Within two weeks of coming home we had her sleep trained to sleep at night and with the exception of the odd night or the need to be fed, she’s really kept to her nightly sleep schedule well. And then she’s naturally taken naps when she’s needed them.

About a week ago I started freaking out, wondering if I had her on a typical, normal nap schedule. I mean, I didn’t want to “over nap” my baby! She was taking three naps a day – all of them about 30-45 minutes long. And of course, I Googled it. Because why not? You can’t begin to imagine my relief when I found out she was taking exactly the right amount of naps she needed! For a minute I forgot to trust my Mommy Instinct.

Today, Scootie took an almost TWO HOUR nap. If you know anything about my munchkin, you’d know that is like finding a unicorn. She’s a power napper by nature, and today she slept half the afternoon away.


And I’m so IN LOVE with the fact that she can sit up on her own and look up at me now. It’s a somewhat omnipotent feeling to know your child looks up at you with longing, love and comfort.

And I managed to get a few rows on the cherry yellow afghan done (I swear it has a real name, but I refuse to reveal them until they’re finished). It’s the perfect shade for a dreary day here in Texas. Last night we had crazy thunderstorms that threatened our power at least three times. Today the residual gray looms over us – but it makes for the perfect day to relax, crochet, knit, watch some movies and play with the baby.

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