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Practice Makes Perfect

Texas is so. Hot. And that reallllllly limits what you can do with a 6 month old baby. She was born the day after Christmas, and in Texas, that’s pretty much considered perfect weather for cold weather dwellers. So of course we got annual passes to the zoo – which we’ve used three times before the heat really hit. And there’s so much we could do, but instead, we have to do other things, like go to the mall and walk around (which Scootie loves because she can people watch), and we do a LOT of indoor play.


She’s so comfortable in her bedroom, and when I come home from work, she’s uber excited to hang out with me on the floor and just play with teethers.

We also sit in our Bumbo a lot on the kitchen counter. Scootie watches Mommy clean, cook and putz around. It’s also a great view to harass the animals with shrieks that could break glass. Both animals tolerate the noise and look at her with such disdain you’d have thought I brought an interloper into the house when we came home from the hospital.

And our absolute favorite thing to do: hang out in Daddy’s arms.


After a very unfruitful day at work, I realized I REALLY need to get a job somewhere else. I miss a steady paycheck, a routine and knowing I’ll have the same amount of money every week. So I’ve commenced looking for another job.

Does every mother feel the same as I do? It’s nice to work part time and be able to be there to see all the milestones and spend quality time with you speedy-growing baby, but it’s also nice to work full time, make decent money but then spend it all on daycare. What a conundrum! Right now, I think I’d like to still work part time unless something amazaballs comes up. Then screw it – Scootie can see how a hard working, successful woman lives.

Tomorrow I am determined to work on the cheery yellow afghan. It WILL happen. But tonight, it’s all about cuddles because I didn’t get to see my boo all day!

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