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Dog Days

It’s so hot in Texas this week that Scootie and I are practically sitting around the house nekid. Okay, well, she is.

This morning on my run the sweat was pouring off me like a river. I definitely glistened… and not in a good way. As a former Northerner and stubborn Yankee, my body simply refuses to adapt to this oppressive weather. Somehow, luckily, my daughter seems to have some serious Texan blood in her from The Mister, and handles the heat in stride. But I sure can tell you, she was downright delighted to be nekid after we went swimming at the neighborhood pool.


I stripped Scootie of her clothing and sat her down to keep practicing her “sitting up” skills and she couldn’t have been more content. You can’t tell from the pictures, but she kept letting out an ear-piercing shriek that I assume was happiness.


The rest of my day has been trying to figure out how to re-do and re-create this blog and website. I’m no internet savant, and it clearly shows in how long it’s taking me to figure all this out. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to “save & publish” before I’ve left the site for a bottle feeding, diaper change or drool mopping. I feel confident that in the next several days I’ll be up to snuff and able to manage this site publishing thing.

Meanwhile in the world of Freewool, things are going… slowly. The only time I seem to have enough minutes to complete something is if a custom order rolls in. Otherwise, I’m idly lounging about the house, looking at my current work in progress, and then the anxiety sets in: Will I get this done in time? In time for what? It’s been sitting here forever! I think I can get three rows in before she starts crying.

It’s mind boggling how productive one can be when one is forced. But anything I want knit or crochet leisurely? HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious. This beautiful yellow afghan I started two months ago is still sitting on the table next to the TV. Staring at me. Admonishing me. Judging me. Calm down, Cheerful Yellow Afghan. I’ll get to you soon! So, friends, customers and clients…. if you’d like something custom made, I’m your gal. If you’re just waiting for me to finish something…. I hope you have a good book in hand!

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  1. She is so adorable!! I remember how tricky it is to try to do anything when you have a little one. When mine were small and I had some free time I always took a nap. Your lovely crochet wips will be there when you’re ready for them. In the meantime take care of yourself and that beautiful beautiful baby!! 🙂


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