“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.”
– Joss Whedon

Back in the early 2000s, when I was just a humble, bored undergrad, my best friend and I would sit in our sterile dorms and crochet all night long while talking, sipping tea and watching Jane Austen films. Yes, we were those girls. That summer, after being taught a new stitch that I thought was downright sophisticated, I attempted my first real gift.

For hours and weeks I would come back to my room from a long day of summer work, grab my hook and work tirelessly on this massive, king-sized afghan I was determined would be the coolest and most unique gift for the wedding I was attending in a few short weeks. Despite the lopsidedness of my project due to inconsistent tension and my lack of knowledge on things like blocking, it turned out moderately acceptable – but I was so proud of that gift you would have thought I had just finished painting the Sistine Chapel all by myself. Michelangelo, who?

About 15 years later, I created freewool, after honing my skills, educating myself on technique, stitch patterns and experimenting with my own personal style.

I believe that inside all of us, we still wish we could give the gift of handmade. It just means so much more. When you lovingly place a pair of handmade mittens on your hands, you know someone sat down and worked on these to keep you warm, or when your baby snuggles up to an afghan that someone gave you and you picture your child toddling around with the same blanket training behind them. Or what about matching shawls for the bridesmaids at your wedding? A keepsake AND a unique item for photo ops.

When I was younger I fancied myself one of the sisters in Little Women, but as I grew up I realized I didn’t need a Marmy or cottage in Concord, MA to make beautiful heirlooms. So please enjoy my creations, feel free to contact me regarding something custom made, or simply enjoy browsing. From my family to yours: God bless you and may you find joy in the simple, hand made items created by makers all around the world!


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